Its Always OK… Just keep it Classy

Its Always OK

Get your Sparkle on!

My friend called me the other day to ask if it was OK to wear a white mini sequin skirt to a wedding…. Um, obviously!!! I would wear sequin mini skirt to Duane Reade to pick up a box of industrial strength tampons, seriously.

When done right, sequins, beads, and sparkles are always OK, just keep it classy, (see image below), not trashy.

Keep it Classy!

This is a look from my new collection, Miita. Check out the embellished sequin mini skirt (all hand made!), it’s paired with a single knit jersey top, also from my collection, Miita. The shoes and socks are both H&M.
For more info, check out my website,

Not Trashy…..


Gross. Dont. Do. It. EVER!

If you’re going to go all out, just do it (the right way)! What are you waiting for..? I’ve spent the better part of my life saving outfits for the right occasion, and finally realized that I’m only living life once so I might as well look good, and put my best damn sparklly foot forward.


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