I have been living in NYC for the past seven years. My first several years were spent happily earning my BFA from the prestigious Parsons School of Design; and my last few years have been spent wondering (or worrying, or dreaming, or fretting, or enjoying, or creating, or consuming…) a number of things that include, (but are not limited to) the following:

Bills. Jobs. Work. Real Jobs. Student Loans. Budgets. Fashion. Art. Designing. Style. Success. Food. Wine. Laughing. Loving. The Meaning of Life. Holy Shit I’m Growing Up. Etc….

The Designer Divulgence was created in 2012 to discuss all of the above, and most importantly showcase the most important things in my life: my Fashion Line – MiiTA Collection (www.miitacollection.com), Designing, my Evolution of Personal Style, Being an Extreme Food Enthusiast, and Living Life to the Fullest in this Incredible City.

Do Enjoy.

Sincerely, Angela Brugioni

Creative Director, MiiTA Collection

Thought Provoker, The Designer Divulgence

Food Enthusiast, Been There. Wore This. Ate That.