Attention Shoppers, Digging Required!

Sometimes a Sale can be a Really BIG Deal…

While on a much deserved break the other day, I went strolling through the streets of the city. I stumbled upon a sale sign for “Career Pants”. The sign literally made me laugh out loud. WTF are “Career Pants”..? I needed to know more, and found that curiosity got the better of me and I decided to continue my stroll amongst the winding walk-ways filled with grey Polyester and Brown Tweed.

To my suprise, the pants part of the sale was short lived, and this was no ordinary discount sale, it was amazing! I guess that somewhere in this world, “Career Pants Sale” is code for “Century 21 minus European Tourists Sale”. There were some incredible name brands (Theory, DVF, Vivienne Westwood), but also just some cool finds; which is basically the point of this story…. You can never judge a sale by its cover, (a.k.a. “Career Pants”).

Although it took me some time, and serious digging, I found some awesome black and white sweaters. These findsย literally made my day. I absolutely love anything that is black and white.

Seriously; I love anything that is black and white. These are some of my finds at the sale… But mostly my already existing black and white items.

I truly think that you should never say NO to buying something that is black and white, whether it is name brand or random brand, (no one can tell the difference)… It will more or less go the majority of pieces in your closet, plus you can mix your black and white prints in one outfit (this is great if you’re feeling flashy). My black and white items last me longer too, they never make it into my ‘good-will’ bag. Even if I haven’t worn them for a little while, I know that sooner or later they will come around again.

So next time you stroll across some random side walk sale, it might be in your best interest to check it out.


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