Where the F*ck do I begin?

Angela Brugioni

Get your sexy on..!

This is day 1 of blogging, and year 2 of working on my own start-up clothing company… Holy shit it has been difficult: I have lost a friend, lost my mind, lost weight (yess!), changed my hair, changed my style, changed my preference from beer to wine, quit smoking (I miss it), quit a job (I don’t miss it), started about 30 jobs (stupid), started to start the same business about 30 times (true), but all that aside; finally created my first capsule collection of high end women’s wear.

Mother fuck…!

It has been a challenge, to say the least. But above and beyond all the dumb shit I’ve put up with, and the excuses I’ve made, or someone has made to me, I know at the end of the day anything is possible.

I hope you read this and get inspired at what inspires me. Know that there is something to take from every experience – good and bad. And, although it sounds really cliche follow yourself, and if anyone says differently, tell them to go f*ck themselves.

Stay happy..!


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