Sweatshirts, Not Just For The Jocks Anymore

Attention Ladies, Sweatshirts are Everything!

Now, I’m not talking about borrowing your boyfriends ratty grey NYU School of Medicine sweatshirt and thinking you’re super trendy. Because frankly, you might look a little bo-humm if you were caught in that.

I’m talking more like borrowing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt, learning to silk-screen your favorite [nonsensical] graphic image onto it, adding a little glitter, and a touch of lace, then  finally topping it off with some off beat saying — Viola!

It might have taken you all summer long, but you’ll totally be ready to prance around the streets with all the tastemakers this upcoming Fall.

I only bring this up because seriously, that’s what we were seeing during fashion week(s) this past month. [And even last season] Let’s take a tour down memory lane..

It all began with this KENZO sweatshirt last season (F/W RTW 2012):

00170fullscreen And Then Balenciaga did it too (F/W 2012 RTW):

00200fullscreen 00230fullscreen So then we saw it everywhere this past Winter…

But don’t worry if you missed the sweatshirt hint last season, because it’s only just begun. Check out what we saw from the F/W RTW 2013.

KENZO did it again with this (F/W RTW 2013):_KEN0541.450x675 And Chloe Sevigny did it too for Opening Ceremony (F/W RTW 2013):

Chloe_OC_002_1366.450x675 All the way in Stockholm we saw it too from Cheap Monday (F/W RTW 2013):

cheapmonday_022_1366.450x675 3.1 Phillip Lim Rocked these Sweatshirts in for NYC Fashion Week (F/W RTW 2013)

_PHI0522.450x675 _PHI0546.450x675 But, out of everything, out of all the shows and all of the sweatshirts we’ve ever seen, Givenchy basically changed forever what a sweatshirt should look like (F/W RTW 2013):

So basically ladies, all I’m trying to say is this summer — keep your eyes peeled for this Fashion Sweatshirt Trend, because you don’t want to be left out, (in the cold)…!


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