Wall Art, Revisited. 3 Ways To Decorate Your Walls for Under $100

I had the extremely un-pleasurable experience of moving twice in five months. (Thank You Hurricane Sandy, for blowing out our boiler; and Thank You to my apathetic/piece of crap/ slumlord landlord for not giving a shit for 30+ days…) To say the very least, it was awful.

So when it all was said and done, we found a new apartment 3 blocks away. When we finally got settled, I was determined to make it pretty and decorate as soon as I possibly could.

However there was one problem, we had more wall space then I ever thought I could have. And although having [wall] space is amazing, it is at the same time a problem, because we didn’t have enough pictures to decorate with, or let alone, money to buy anything.

So, we kind of had to improvise. And actually, I’m kind of proud of what we came up with…

Wall Space #1 3D ART



Step 1, Take Anthropologie Paper Mache Animal Head (www.anthropoligie.com) $68.00

Step 2, Take Simple Black Frame From Target and remove backing and glass. $24.95

Step 3, Center and Mount Head in Wall, Then Center and Mount Frame around Head.

Step 4, Enjoy because you just made some amazing wall art for under 100$!


AnimalHooksIMG_1849 Step 1, Take Anthropologie Animal Hooks, (www.anthropologie.com) $22.00

Step 2, Mark Wall and Get Your Screw Drivers Out

Step 3, Take all of Your Jewelry and Hang, You could Color-Coordinate too

Step 4, Enjoy!

P.S. If you find cool pictures in a magazine or a book [you don’t mind destroying] just cut them out and use them!! That picture framed besides my animal hooks is a photo i cut out of one of my Art History Books by Monet, and the frame was an old Target frame I got for around $20.



Step 1, Use Book Shelf (www.ikea.com) $79.99

Step 2, Organize Books and KnickKnacks [by color, preferably]

Step 3, Enjoy Friends!

Hope you’re feeling inspired today!


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