Collars, and Buttons, and Shirts, Oh My!

For the indecisive ‘dresser’ like myself, fall is the best time of the year, because you no longer have to decide on only one thing to wear, you can finally take all the things you want, and put them together in one outfit. You can layer your floaty tank, under your collared shirt, under your new sweater, and then wear all of that under your crisp blazer; you can have a couple necklaces, a ring or two, and definitely a scarf… Oooh, also in that same outfit, you can wear your long skirt, that’s sort of see through, who cares if anyone can even see your tights, and socks, and booties underneath… Because as I said before ITS FINALLY FALL!

But beyond all of those layers. There is one item, that I finally feel has trumped all other pieces in my wardrobe as the #1, the favorite, the absolute must have: my White Collar Blouse. I never really understood or appreciated a good collar, and a good blouse. I’m not talking those Gap, stretch cotton fitted button-ups for under that grey-ish pants suit. I’m talking that silky, classy, feminine blouse.

You know what I’m talking about, they come in all shapes and sizes, and with many different collars, but whether  it be a peter pan collar, or a classic convertible collar, they belong in every woman’s wardrobe.

Here are some Blouses from TOPSHOP. They are appropriately priced, and definitely made to last for the next few seasons! Wear them alone, or layer over and under other Fall/Winter items.

Now, if you’re looking to buy some pieces with a bit more detail, that will be sure to become classic staple items in your wardrobe try these EQUIPMENT blouses on for size!(Found on SHOPBOP) A little more pricey, but definitely worth it!

I’m a firm believer that if you invest in one of these fancy white frocks, it will become a staple and classic in your wardrobe for many years to come. And, although I say this about white, doesn’t by any means mean to buy white only. I think we can all see this season how collars, and buttons, and blouses are coming in all shapes and sizes.

A few favorites from the Fall/Winter 2012 Runway. Check out all these amazing blouses (buttoned of course!)  Clockwise from Top Left: Marni RTW Fall 2012, Preen RTW Fall 2012, Kenzo RTW Fall 2012, Miu Miu RTW Fall 2012.

Obviously, collars are not new, however, they are definitely trending right now more than ever. We are seeing them everywhere!

Collars made of jewels….

Collars made of lace…

Collars made of sequins…Collars made of studs…

You can definitely stud your own collar too, if you don’t have the money to go buy a brand new top!!                                 p.s. its always ok to wear fur (fake or real)

And Collars, that aren’t really collars at all….

So, whichever collars you do indeed rock this season, keep it classy. Button them up all the way to the neck to create a clean elegant look (even if its see through, you’ll still look good, just keep your bra on)!

This is a trend that isn’t going to go anywhere for a while..!

I follow my own rules 🙂
Sheer Blouse (Urban Outfitters) Buttoned all the way up!

Here I am again…! Loving this look: Sheer Blouse (Marciano); layered under crushed velvet crop top from my line Miita (you can buy this top online now at! The necklace and skirt are both Anthropologie.

Stay Pretty 🙂


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