The Good, The Brand, and The Ugly

What’s in your MakeUp Bag?

We all have our favorite brands and products we swear by, products we feel we can not live without. And, we all have those moments of weakness where we succumb to the overwhelming power of a good advertisement, and decide to try something new.

But, trying something new can be a scary thing, especially if it’s for your make-up. You don’t know if you might frizz-out, dry-out, orange-out, or break-out! And, not knowing that crucial piece of information, can make you extra-scared to spend the buku bucks on those fancy designer brand name products.

Now, the designer brand name products usually deliver what they promise, but so do the drug-store brands that we grew up on. So, we shouldn’t forget that. There’s no reason why you can’t mix and match your make-up routine, the same way your mix and match your wardrobe…

Use it all! Make-up and face products come in all shapes and sizes, and the 10$ coupon stuff, can be just as amazing as the $100 Brand name stuff.

So, here’s some tips I think I’ve learned from years of buying The Good, The Brand, and The Ugly…..

When it comes to buying your daily Face Lotion (and you’re a girl on a budget), I say, go for The Good :

The Good: Clean and Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer.                                                           This is literally one of the BEST products I have ever used. I’ve been an avid user of this lotion for over 5 years. I use it every morning before I put on my make-up, it dries quickly with no oily finish and keeps my skin looking plump and healthy all day. You can pretty much get it anywhere, and best of all, it’s under $10.

Now, if your feeling a little frisky and you just got a raise at your job, try this for The Brand:

Philosophy : Hope in a Jar.
This face cream is legitimately like butter! It feels incredibly fresh on your face, and dries as well without any oily finish. Plus, it works to restore your skin back to a radiant healthy state if it’s damaged or tired! The only downsize is that the jar is pretty tiny (a 2oz. jar will cost you about $40)!
I like to use this product like it’s a present to myself, for instance on a ‘spa’ night where I take a bath, do a face-mask and relax!

For a Primer, (if you don’t use one, you should friggin’ start to!) I absolutely suggest to go with The Brand:


NARS: Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer.
This product rocks my world. I use it every day, after I put my face lotion on. It smooths my skin, and creates an even flat surface that I can apply my foundation to. It also allows for my make-up to last longer because it acts like a barrier between my natural face oils and my make-up as the day goes on.
I think it’s worth the money (a 1oz. tube will run you close to $32). But, it will make you feel like you have Photoshopped skin!

For a Liquid Foundation, (trust me, I’ve tried ALOT…) I say go for The Good:

CoverGirl : TruBlend Liquid Foundation.
I just started using this product, after having a bad experience with a Brand name foundation that I had spent about 50$ on! It is amazing! It evens out the color in my face and isn’t greasy, cakey, or too dry. It also adds a little bit of a silky radiant glow to my skin!
Even better, you can get this product anywhere for under $15.00!

I also suggest that if you do decide to use a Power Foundation to go with The Brand:

MAC : Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
This is one of the Best pressed powders I have ever used. It has a creaminess to it that I think a lot of powders lack. It goes on so smooth, and fills in imperfections and corrects color and unevenness. Also, if you can have an oily complexion it will help you stay looking matte. It’s a good thing to have even though it will cost about $27.

Now, if you use a Bronzer, go with The Brand:

Laura Geller: Baked Body Frosting.
This is LITERALLY THE BEST PRODUCT EVER! I have a naturally olive complexion, and have used Bronzers since I began wearing make-up to add that extra glow to your face, and this product does not disappoint. It comes in a variety of colors to meet different complexions, and will seriously make your skin look better than Robert Pattinson’s diamond vampire skin in the Twilight movies. It is absolutely and 100000% worth the $45 per container!

So, if wasn’t clear enough, if you’re getting a Bronzer, shell out the extra bucks, because if you go with a Low-Level Bronzing product you might end up looking like this….

The Ugly…..!

Yikes! That’s pretty scary stuff, let’s get back on track…

When it comes to Mascara, go with The Good:

CoverGirl: LashBlast Volume Mascara.
This is one of the best Mascaras I’ve ever tried. I’ve been using it for over 4 years now, and it honestly adds some serious body to my lashes. You can get it anywhere, and it costs less than $8.

Just make sure you buy a new tube every 6 weeks, because if you don’t, this might happen….

The Ugly….!                                                   Whether its name brand or no brand, too much old dried out mascara is a terribly scary thing!

Now, for doing your eye-makeup, I think you can use it all, The Good and The Brand:

L’OREAL : HiP Metallic EyeShadow.
These are awesome shadows with vibrant opaque pigments. The color comes out extremely lush, and its great, because you get a 2-in-1 for under 10$!
I use this product on a regular basis, and people always ask me what it is!

If you’re feeling ultra luxurious go for The Brand:

Urban Decay: Deluxe Eyeshadow.
These are really cool highly saturated pigments, that come in some offbeat colors, and go on really smooth. They are a little bit spendy at $18 a pop. But will last a long time!

Now, if I could, I would probably move into a Sephora store and get ready in make-up heaven everyday; but until then I love my products, and love that I can combine simple classic products with luxurious brand name ones!

Stay Pretty Friends 🙂


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