Dressing It Down.

As a designer, I live in an imagined world. A world where outrageous creations come alive in my head, flow through my illustrations, and somehow manifest themselves into wearable, tangible designs. I often struggled with creating pieces that would meet somewhere in the middle between fantasy and reality, where function and aesthetics would co-exisist, and you could actually feel like you could move in your outfit, and not look like you’re wearing some costume from the set of some Space-Age blockbuster.

Trust me when I say, it took a lot to get to this place.

I think I am safe in saying that although I do my best to design where fashion meets function, I can’t help but obsess, and sometimes even design clothing that comes with that title of “special occasion”. I don’t mean ball gowns, or anything like that, I’m talking more of those Runway, Ready to Wear pieces. (See below)

The Wang Gang

I die for this look from Alexander Wang’s S/S 13 RTW.
I wonder, where could I wear this?

Marc Jacbos

Marc Jacobs SS 13 RTW Black and White Sequinned Jumpsuit.
I need this, especially considering I have an addiction to black and white stripes.

And, these clothes we obsess over, we typically end up buying them, no matter where they are from or how much they cost! We buy them, because we can’t possibly NOT have them. We buy them, even though we know we might not wear them any time soon. We buy them , and wear them once. And then, we do the unthinkable, we save them.

We save them for the perfect time and the perfect place. We try them on, and take them them off. We spend time thinking, “Can I wear this, to do that?” , “Is it too much?”, “Hold on, I shouldn’t wear my fur coat to the gym, or should I?”. We wait for that skinny moment, when no one is home, and stand in front of the mirror modeling our hopeful outfit to the lonely audience that is just ourselves. And sometimes, if we are feeling frisky, we might just take that dreamy Instagram “self-portrait” photo, and in a way, share our spectacular outfit with the world.

But, to be honest, we’re not really sharing anything in a realistic setting! In fact, we’re wasting outfits, and missing out on opportunities to wear the things we treasure most.

So, why shouldn’t we wear these things? What’s holding us back? We should take a risk, and create outfits from our entire wardrobe, not just the things we think are everyday “kicking around clothes”.

We don’t have to dress those clothes up all the time…. Instead we should try “Dressing it Down”!

Take you’re “saved” clothes and transform them into unique “everyday” looks. Intergrate your wardrobe and layer your pieces together so that you can take an “evening” look and create a cool, casual outfit.

For instance…

Scroll Work Sequin Skirt, Miita Collection

This mini skirt from my line Miita, is styled here to create an elegant look…. I decided to try it on with some other clothes from my wardrobe to create a more “everday” look out of it…

Dressing It Down

As you can see, I took some cute pieces I would normally wear with skinny jeans or simple skirts, and fused them with the sequinned mini. I focused on a black and white theme to make the outfit a little more exciting. But overall, I was able to transform a skirt I would normally just wear out to a party, to something I could wear to work and feel comfortable and fun.

Dressing Down Fur

Fur is another item that I think can be Dressed Down. Sometimes to me, Fur can be hard to pull off in a casual setting, so by pairing it with a long simple black dress and adding some interesting accessories, it takes the outfit into another “everyday” look.

To me, fashion and style are all about self expression, and taking the time to invest in yourself and feel good about the way you look. There’s no need to closet (no pun intended) all of your clothing, for that special day. Everyday should be important, everyday you present yourself to the world, so why not present the best you?

So, “save” your “saved” idea for another life.!


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