Sweating over a Sweater.

Now, most people stress out about bills, and jobs, and friendships; you know, all that really important stuff. Most of the time, I’m so stressed about that crap that I cant even think straight! And like most weeks, I was sooo stressed out, but not about the usual suspects, I was stressed out about something so important, I couldn’t even sleep: a sweater..!

I’ll start from the begginning so you can wholeheartedly understand why my longing for this sweater became an insatiable obsession.

I went shopping with my good friend the other day. It was just going to be Β a quick trip to MAC to grab some new make-up, while learning some helpful hints and how-to’s. Unfortunately, they were getting ready for Fashion Night Out (how could I forget??!), and the store was pretty chaotic, so we decided to come back another day.

This made for an impromptu deviation, a deviation so dangerous because we were in SOHO. And if you are a sorta broke, fashion obsessed, jewelry loving, hair-doing, nail painting lady, you’re totally fucked.

The Avenue of Broken Dreams (if you’re broke like me!)

We decided to stay on the main drag, just going up and down Broadway, this was our only smart move, because had we wandered into that Mercer St./Spring St./Prince St. area, I would have easily had a panic attack and died over all the things I wanted, and could only pay for if I decided to max out a brand new credit card, or just not eat for an entire year. (No) big deal!

Now, the stores on Broadway aren’t really that much less expensive. I could still actually afford something with out choosing between food or clothes for a month. Our first stop was in All Saints, and there must have been “all” sorts of “saints” looking over us from above because right as I was about to try on close to $700 in amazingness and spend my rent money for the month, the fire alarm squealed so loud, I almost peed my pants.Β We ran out of there faster than an “innocent” hooker getting chased by the cops.

After our terrifying near death experience, we decided to stop in some shops here and there, nothing was fabulous, but still fun to see. Now, this aimless wandering wasn’t for nothing, we had basically made our way down the yellow brick road to a place where Dorothy clicks those historical heels, magical things happen, and Kate Moss is ‘Gawd’: TOPSHOP!

I try to avoid going here most of the time, because I know that I will have anxiety for days about all the amazing things I want vs. all the amazing things I can’t have, because I have to be “responsible” and pay for my “choices” like college, and deciding to start my own business….

I get anxiety because I literally want all these things! I did a little Photoshop styling job. I looked through the TOPSHOP website http://www.topshop.com, and came up with some awesome outfits I would totally rock! If only I had a money tree….

(Side note, if you like my style, and are seeking personal wardrobe consulting, you can contact me at miitacollection@gmail.com)

Even though I couldn’t buy all of those things, I thought I could make an exception. Me and my boyfriend Gary were going out to a romantic dinner for our 4 year anniversary, and I deserved to get something new for the occasion. I picked out a cute top, and some fun thigh high tights, together, they were about $80.00 Not too shabby. I could buy these things, and honestly not feel bad about spending $80.00.

So, as we were in the line to buy, it was like there was something glittering out of the corner of my eye, I floated over to the rack, and found this sweater. It was like, the sweater that you need, like that life changing sweater. It was fuzzy, and furry, and soft, and black, and would go with anything. I know that if I saw someone wearing this sweater, and I didn’t have it I would be so jealous, and maybe try to rob her.

It was a glorious moment finding it, and then a heartbreaking realization because I needed to shirt too, and I needed the tights, just as much as I needed the sweater, but I also needed to pay my stupid Wells Fargo student loan bill for an ungodly amount. So, I made the “responsible” (and horrible) decision to “think about it”….

I thought about it for days, I thought about it while I was in the shower, and when I brushed my hair, and when I watched TV, and when I doodled… I thought about Β it when I was at work, and talking to my friends, I even told my friends about it so they would have to think about it too… It was cruel and painful, and by the end of the week, I coudln’t handle it anymore, so beyond my best efforts to be responsible and save money, I went back, and bought the sweater.

I’ve never felt more complete and happy.

This is my outfit. dream sweater:TOPSHOP, blouse and tights: TOPSHOP, shorts: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Forever21, earrings: Anthropologie.
I used a very thin Hot Tools curling iron to twist/wave my hair.
I used SKETCH VELVET (color) eyeshadow from MAC, for smokey eye.
I did my nails with nude base, and black tips.

So, basically, the moral of this story: if something takes over your entire way of thinking, you should proabably just give in to it…

….or seek therapy, because you might have a problem. πŸ˜‰


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