(T)hat’s a Wrap.

It was close to 6 months ago when 2012 Fall/Winter looks were shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. There was some highlights, like Nicholas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga (see look below) and, as always, some major flops. But none more floppy than those huge, multicolored, fuzzy, furry Marc Jacobs hats. Now, I didn’t have this blog at this time, and if I had, I would have certainly commented sooner on my thoughts on this matter. But maybe its a good thing I didn’t….

A Triumph! Balenciaga, Fall 2012. I die for this. Killed it.

Hmmm? Marc Jacobs. Fall 2012. Ah…! I can’t.

But months had passed and remarkably, the images from that collection slowly faded from my memory. So, you may be asking, why do I bring it up now? Well the other day, I was drinking my morning coffee, and flipping through my September issue of Vogue, (I wasn’t even not even 1/16 of the way through), when I spotted his new campagin, and there they were, those hates, i means hats.

I have to wonder, if outfits like that are just created for the sake of en editorial spread, or just because, why the f*ck not. I mean, he is Marc Jacobs after all, and what he says goes. But still, ehhh, I don’t like them! I find myself having this guilty feeling, like, how could I possibly hate something from Marc? I felt as though I was committing some sort of fashion treason; and if I continued to hate these looks, I would end up getting exiled to some hick-ville where all they have to shop is a DressBarn.

I searched tirelessly for reviews that condemned these hats, and the collection. But, found only rave reviews that his show put the fun back in fashion. I mean, of course you would have fun watching the show, its like a theatrical production for crying out loud. And you would have to be agoraphobic to not want to mingle amidst A-listers, and high fashion lovers. But, at the end of the day these clothes are meant to be worn, so I had to ask; would you have fun walking down the street looking like this?

And there it is. The question that changed my mind on this collection. It made me think more about it…

Would I have fun in this? I think so.

Would people think I was a little crazy? Most likely.

Would I actually wear anything from here? Maybe, but definitely not the things that made even those skinny models look fat… and deinfitely not a giant safety pin…  On this note, I really wondered how I could wear this with out looking like a crazy Pilgrim, so I did a little Photoshop styling… See below!

Taking a little from here and a little from there, I created an look, that I would defintitely wear, hat and all. Check it out, Hat: Marc Jacobs, Coat: Doo.Ri, Stoll: Marni, Dress: Marni, Belt Buckle: Vintage, Booties: Balenciaga.

And, I still had a few more thoughts.. like, did it make me happy? I think so. (I mean, I’m still talking about it).

Are you inspired? Absolutely. I sat and doodled, and did some little art works inspired from looking at this collection..

Illustration, inspired from the collection. She fits right in.

Another drawing. I guess in my imagination, these hats go great with no shirts, and see through tutus.

So I figured, after all of this, that if you can manage to inspire people, in any way, shape, or form, (t)hats a success.

So now I feel like there’s not necessarily anything wrong with not liking fashion, even if it comes from one of the masters himself, as long as you can read into it and appreciate it in some way. Not everything is going to make sense to everyone, and thats OK.!! 🙂


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